The TV meteorologists were in “Storm Mode” for 3 days on this one.  A late February snow in Saint Louis isn’t too uncommon, but this was going to be a big one, a Snowpocalypse if you will. They had everyone worked up and running to the store for the winter storm staples of bread, milk and eggs to ensure everyone could eat french toast; schools even made their closing announcements a full 18 hours before a single flake fell, that’s the magnitude of the storm we were dealing with.

In all, I ended up getting about 5 1/2″ of snow at my house, although it was mixed with a little freezing rain and sleet at times. Not a small amount, but not nearly as bad as they made it sound.

This is a time lapse I shot during the storm. I wasn’t able to capture the entire thing since I did go in to work for a bit that morning. At about 10:00 AM I decided to call it and work from home the remainder of the day. When I returned home I quickly set my camera on my tripod, pointed it out the window, and proceeded to let the camera fire off 4000 shots of the snow falling over about 6 hours.

Since this storm we did have another, but it was not worth shooting since it ended up only dropping a few flurries and a little rain here.